About TRIMMINGS by HollY


Trimmings by Holly is a shop specializing in holiday wreaths, décor, and gifts. Handmade each season, owner Holly Bundy partners with local farms to turn her visions into reality by carefully choosing the materials and accessories to make each piece unique – from the farm chosen, to the ribbon placed as a final touch. Holly took her passion for creativity and the holidays to thoughtfully start a business that is customer-focused and brings joy to all. 


Holly Bundy

Owner, Trimmings by Holly

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, the distinct beauty of each season has always intrigued Holly Bundy. Her lifelong passion for developing creative ways to enjoy and celebrate changing seasons led others to ask for her help in locating holiday greenery, unique gifts, and personal décor throughout the year. Over time, Trimmings by Holly has been utilized by countless individuals, churches, companies, and retail establishments who were looking for personal and unique touches for seasonal celebrations. 

Trimmings by Holly is well-known for partnering with Southern farms, nurseries, and growers in order to offer high-quality greenery decorations. Holly’s tradition of selecting unique and quality home furnishings and gifts is supported by talented artisans and designers. Trimmings by Holly is a customer-focused business that continues to offer clients thoughtful, imaginative, and unique options.

When Holly is not “trimming” in her business, wrapping a gift, creatively cooking, tracking down fine ribbons and materials, and discovering new gift ideas, she is busy with her family!  She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children.  She takes an active role in community volunteer positions and contributes to celebrations with family and friends in countless ways.